Jewelry is more than a possession

Jewelry is an expression of love from one person to another; an expression of celebration for special occasions and an expression of pride – a reward to oneself for everyday accomplishments. Jewelry is also an expression of family – an heirloom to pass from generation to generation.

Reliable Jewelry Experts

Trusted for More Than 25 Years

For more than a quarter of a century, our clients have relied upon the experts at Phillips and Fredricks Jewelers to help choose the perfect expression for special occasions. They’ve come to know us, not only as jewelers, but as trusted friends who will give the individual attention they deserve. Yes, you’ll find diamonds, gold, even platinum, but of all the valuable items in the store, Phillips and Fredricks values one above the rest: relationship. Come enjoy the experience that is Phillips and Fredricks to create your own perfect expression.

Kelim Jewelry

It’s an expression

  • Fine Jewelry & WatchesFeaturing our current designers notably Adel Chifredi, Monica Rich Kosan and Victorinox
  • Jewelry RedesignIf you have jewelry you no longer wear? Phillips and Fredricks can help you recreate your existing jewelry into a style you will love to wear.
  • Custom Designsusing cutting edge CAD CAM technology for new designs and re designing your own jewelry
  • Jewelry & Watch Repair“why have it sitting in a drawer”
  • EngravingTo celebrate those special memories
  • Appraisals & Insurance Replacements
  • Complimentary Gift Wrap

Phillips & Fredricks News

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